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High Priestess and Witch Queen - by Maxine Sanders

Witch Queen; Magus.

A dancing Satire with his flute and a adorned woman
Inge Prader’s recreation of a Gustav Klimt painting. Photo: Life Ball, © Inge

The Title given at the Higher Degrees of Witchcraft, Witch Queen; Magus.

These titles are ceremonial.

The Witch Queen becomes active when that Priestess has three full working covens down-line from her group. If she is a lady with an air of worldliness and has experience of such, the title is only valid within the sacred space of the witches circle.

If, however, she is young, beautiful and comparatively innocent of life experiences, she has the potential for the position of Witch Queen in the fuller sense of the word; although, she should only keep the title whilst innocence, beauty and pure naïveté shield her from the confusion and corruption of earthly matters.

It is this genuine inner beauty combined with magical training, both practical and oral, that enable her judgement and spiritual wisdom to be true in times of discord or discontent within her covens. She becomes a representative of the Goddess whose compassion, humility and other-worldliness inspire the hidden children of the Goddess in there magical and spiritual work.

Those who aspire to the role of High Priest and Magus have been through training before the rituals of the higher degree’s can proceed.

Knowledge and practice of the eight ways of magic tested. Ritual action, movement and voice proved effective; at least two acts of magic and a positive healing have been performed successfully in the test circles leading up to their Initiation.

It is usually suggested that the newly consecrated high priesthood continue their training in their mother coven for at least three months, allowing the workings of the higher degrees to be practised until confidence is assured.

The newly consecrated high priest or priestess is then ready to start their coven. For a year or so they are supported by the mother coven only if they are asked. The mother coven is not allowed to contact without invitation.

It has been known for some egotistical high priesthood, to attempt to control the new coven under the guise of being supportive. Fortunately, control addicts are rare, and communication between groups is respectful and usually beneficial to all as information and knowledge are exchanged, especially at Grand Sabbats when, if we are fortunate, a true Witch Queen will be present and give her blessings.

“High Priestess and Witch Queen” by Maxine Sanders published on Medium on Sep 11, 2017

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