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The Joys of an Alexandrian Witch - by Maxine Sanders

a beautiful marine landscape with the sea, rocks and clouds in a purple shade.

In the sixties, Alex and I believed our work and joy as witches meant nothing and no one is too high or low, including lords and beggars, the sick, the daft, demonic/angelic and the peculiar.

We were mocked and derided by the then Witchcraft elite; of course, we took no notice and continued in the freedom of what was to become known as ‘The Alexandrian Tradition of Witchcraft.’

For the past fifty-three years, all manner of humanity has passed over the threshold to my home. They are greeted with respect and offered genuine hospitality.

I turn no one away, even the worst of my detractors are welcome, some of whom proved brave enough, and to this day, sound manners have prevailed.

One of the many joys of being a priestess, witch and Maxine Sanders is seeing the realization on people’s faces when after a short time, they know I am mortal, have a sense of humour, feet of clay and…. the gossips were wrong.

Another pleasure is sending blessings and love to all those who take delight in malicious gossip and pettiness of thought regarding my being.

Two brown frogs looking angry

Admittedly my love and blessings are an exercise in self-discipline that is not always achieved, perhaps explaining the toad-like appearance of some of my over-imaginative detractors.

Memories of past Grand Sabbats, the joy and inspiration we experienced and now, planning the latest Grand Sabbat and the laughter caused by witches openly admitting they didn’t know what a Grand Sabbat was. I take it as a sign of the times and appreciate the all too real ignorance.

The head of the animal that is the Capricorn symbol in a blue background

Maybe my Capricornian nature has blessed me with a sense of optimism, enabling me to choose the natural happiness that is a right of maturity or I suppose it could be too many dark nights of the soul that make me appreciate the humorous side of a priestess’s life.

My life has been filled with learning the ways of magic with some of the most fun and spiritually aspiring initiates good fortune has enabled me to work with and love.

I feel this is the perfect opportunity to say…. Thank you.

Blessed Be

"The Joys of an Alexandrian Witch." Original text by Maxine Sanders published on Alexandrian Witchcraft at Medium on Jan 14, 2018


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