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North Coven: Embracing Tradition and Evolution in Witchcraft

Let us introduce ourselves: We are the North Coven, an Alexandrian Coven in the Traditional Wicca path.

The Alexandrian Tradition is rooted in practice within a group comprising two or more individuals of a different gender from your own, as polarity is a central aspect shaping our rituals.

Self-initiation is not allowed in our tradition. Guidance and clarification from experienced practitioners are essential to truly grasp our practices. We believe in the importance of learning from those who have walked the path before us and have the knowledge and understanding to guide us on our spiritual journey.

Some may characterize a coven as a group that celebrates together. We, on the other hand, believe that a coven carries a deeper meaning. Being in a coven involves working with others' energies. When one person fails, it impacts everyone, and when one person grows, it uplifts the entire group's awareness. The diverse blend of individuals enables us to cultivate a comprehensive understanding of the world surrounding us. We work towards unity, leveraging each member's strengths to support and encourage others.

However, we are not a magical family. Friendships are important, but our primary focus lies in the work, the circle, and the magic we cultivate together. For us, being in a coven goes beyond mere membership; it is a way of life. We come together with a shared purpose and dedication to the craft, creating a sacred space where we can connect with the divine and deepen our spiritual practices.

Since our formation, we have embraced this way of being, upholding the teachings passed down by the ones that preceded us. Our origins can be traced back the 70s, to the Temple of the Mother, led by Maxine Sanders, and the esteemed London Coven, founded by Alex Sanders. With unwavering dedication, we have continued this lineage, preserving and passing on the cherished traditions of our predecessors.

In our coven, we explore traditional teachings with new perspectives and evolving our practices to meet the needs of the present. We understand the importance of tradition, but we also recognize the value of growth and adaptation ifor nowadays.

We welcome those who are sincerely interested in coven work and are willing to commit to Traditional Witchcraft. Our coven provides supportive initiates where individuals can explore their spiritual growth, learn from one another, and deepen their connection to the divine. Together, we strive to uphold the values and principles of the Alexandrian Tradition while forging our own unique journeys as the North Coven.

North Coven: Embracing Tradition and Witchcraft

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