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Tradition & Autonomy: diverse covens, shared essence

Since the renaissance of Witchcraft began in the 1950s, many initiates have left their marks, teaching others, founding covens and forming lineages, what we simply call "lines."

Within the range of Alexandrian initiates, all lineages carry on the legacy of our founders, Alex and Maxine Sanders, while nurturing their particular approach. These variations are manifested in rituals, practices and even minor changes in the Book of Shadows.

As lineages can differ, differences emerge within covens in the same line. Each coven is autonomous, meaning they can work out their rituals and focus on what suits them best. Through this autonomy, the true essence of a coven emerges, showing its unique approach and energy.

While there are elements that unite the Tradition as a whole, a coven's work is entirely its own. Their nuances shape the experiences and development of the initiates, imprinting knowledge, practices, ritual details, training and specific understandings of our work.

Each coven finds its own purpose within the intricate web of possibilities. Some covens focus on rigorous training, dedicating themselves to the growth and development of their members. Others emphasize regular gatherings, creating spaces for shared exploration and spiritual expression. Some covens may only meet on Sabbats and Esbats, while others may meet weekly. It all depends on what type of work they focus on.

Each coven is independent, working on its rhythm. A coven doesn't need to know the inner workings of another. This separation serves as a testament to the respect for the autonomy that underlies traditional witchcraft.

In the spirit of Perfect Love and Perfect Trust, practitioners recognize the beauty that lies in diversity. Being in a Tradition is about honouring and respecting differences while maintaining the belief that all initiates, regardless of their coven, faithfully follow the fundamental principles and guidelines of the Alexandrine Tradition.

Traditional witchcraft covens continue to grow and evolve, weaving together new threads of wisdom, experience and insight. As seekers embark on their own journey, they can explore the vast array of possibilities, discovering the one that most deeply resonates with their spirit and calling.

Coven Diversity in Traditional Witchcraft



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