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A coven in the north

 We are a Traditional Alexandrian Coven with roots dating back to the '60s. Our Coven consists of sincere and spiritually mature adults, well grounded in our commitment to the Great Work with Love, Joy and Beauty.

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The Alexandrian Tradition

The Alexandrian Tradition of the Wicca is a modern form of witchcraft founded by Alex and Maxine Sanders in the 1960s. Alexandrians strongly emphasize ceremonial magic and the use of rituals and spellcraft to connect with the divine. It also incorporates elements of British folk magic, Kabbalah, and Eastern mysticism. Like other forms of Wicca, the Alexandrian Tradition is centered around worshiping a Goddess and a God and recognizing the cycles of nature.

Becoming an Initiate

We are accepting sincere seekers with the desire to join our Coven. We provide in-person training and initiation for who want to practice magic in a traditional coven setup. As well as sincerity, a student must be committed to our witchcraft practices, meditations and rituals.

Alexandrian tradition Wicca and witchcraft in Canada

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Our coven has member in various locations across Ontario and Quebec, including Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec City. The Coven reunites seasonally in a secret place to celebrate.

Alexandrian tradition wicca and witchcraft in Canada

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